Classes at Dervish

Classes vary from month to month, for updates please subscribe to the newsletter, email to be added to the list. Facebook is updated weekly with events happening at Dervish also.  Below are the recurring weekly/monthly classes:



An Invitation…..

Group Sound Bath for Relaxation

All are welcome…

Lie down and experience Deep Rest while being bathed in the beautiful sounds of voice and gentle instruments..

Starting on Monday 15th October @ Dervish, 7.30 to 9pm

12 euro, drop-in welcome, please book in advance

No prior experience necessary

For more info and to book, please contact Aoife on 087 2918085

Find me on Facebook @Aoifesoundhealing









Ipsalu Energy Yoga – starting Tues 20th November 6 to 7pm

Ipsalu Energy Yoga is based on Kriya Yoga and is for all ages and levels of ability. The focus is on building energy in the chakras, energy healing and clearing. Techniques include movement, breath work and meditation. The benefits include improved health and overall energy, increased confidence and inner peace, decreased stress and an invigorated attitude regarding self and life.

Prices for all classes

10 (concessions €5)

All classes in Dervish – use side door if shop shut.

For more information call me on 0831502804 or check out the website


If you have a mat, blocks and belts please bring them with you, for yoga classes.


Core & Cellular Healing with Maria

Please contact Marija directly to book your place








Psychic Development Group with Ann 

plesae contact ann directly for information and to book




Thursday ” Morning Stretch” with Liam. 9.30-10.30am 

Hatha Yoga – beginners all levels,  starting Thurs 22nd November 9.30 to 10.30am


I became a Hatha Yoga teacher after practicing yoga for over 10 years. The training was what I’d always hoped to find in a class. It was like we were beginners, even though we had widely varying abilities. I learned how to safely get into over 60 poses, which ones helped me re-align my spine and how varying poses opened my shoulder girdle, hips and other joints. They also brought focus, concentration and breath work into play. This is what I teach in my classes.

Prices for all classes

€10 (concessions €5)

All classes in Dervish – use side door if shop shut.

For more information call me on 0831502804 or check out the website


African Drumming with Patrick        (Drop-Ins welcome)

Weekly Class: 7.30 – 9pm ,

Contact: Patrick 087-2176460

Cost 15 euro



Mens group –  with Liam of Yogaslow

starting Sat 24th November 9.30 to 10.30am

It is important for men to re-connect with each other. With absent fathers and no initiations around the age of puberty to connect us to the Spiritual Nature of Consciousness, the Divine Feminine, our Community and the Natural World, our suffering is increased. We often lose sight of family bonds and become susceptible to the negative influences of the ego and lose the ability to find real happiness. Together we can find a new sense of purpose.

For more information call me on 0831502804 or check out the website


One Saturday per month:


Meditation with the Grandmothers  7-9pm


  • Meditations with the Great Council of Grandmothers and the Net of Light balancing the Yin and the Yang in us and the world
  • Shamanic journey with the drum to the Grandmothers, our Spirit guides and Power Animals
  • The Ceremony of empowerment
  • Listen to the monthly messages from the grandmothers
  • In this sacred shamanic circle we have the opportunity to meet like minded people , send healing to the world through the Net of Light and to ask spirit for guidance how to move forward  

“When the grandmothers are heard the world will heal” Hopi Prophecy


“We have come to bring you joy you cannot begin to imagine. Step into beauty ,love and good feeling” ,the Grandmothers say. “Take your place on the Net of Light and hold the golden light steady. As you do, you yourself will heal and you will heal your beloved planet.”

 “we are the Great Council of  Grandmothers, we have come because earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin. It is time to return to balance and for this woman must lead. We ask you to work with the Net of Light  because the Net of Light  will hold the earth steady during the times of change that are upon us, this is the Net of Light that will hold the earth as the energies of yin and yang come back into balance”

Who are the great council of grandmothers ?
The grandmothers  have appeared to Sharon McErlane in 1996 at a walk with her dog at Laguna Beach. The 12 women looked like tribal women in all shapes and sizes and said they have come to correct the imbalance of yin and yang on our planet and awaken woman and men to the energy of what they call “the deep feminine” Their purpose is to bring women and men, yin and yang into balance with one another. They transmitted a sacred gift to Sharon what they call the empowerment the ‘caul‘. They said: “ This caul is formed of a substance like light, but more than light. It will begin to heal and nourish you soaking through the cells and organs aligning all of your parts together and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects will receive what they need.”
“When a woman awakens to the beauty/power within her she will bloom as the flower  she has been and will always be”

Women receive the empowerment and men receive the cloak of comfort.

Sharon has been sharing the grandmothers messages and the empowerment ever since , hosting gatherings all over the world and has written 2 books
It is recommended to look up the  website
prior to attending the circle 
All  welcome      
Donation 10 Euro.





The Stories That Live Inside Us”

Connect with stories, roles and inner energies that have moulded us.

Through journey and Sacred facilitation, enter a Space to release who and where we were, what no longer needs to be carried.

Moving onwards in ourselves and our lives lovingly, compassionately and “full” of ourselves.

Bi-Monthly, first Sunday of the month @Dervish,

1pm to 6pm 35 euro per person.

Contact Carmel for dates & details

Booking necessary, as groups are intentionally small  @ Carmel 087 3646666.


Once a Month,

Shamanism Ireland Shamanic Reiki Healing


Shamanic Journey Meditation Evening

Shamanic drumming Meditation (Once a Month)

Contact Rafael 087-9297869

Shamanic Journeying is a spiritual healing tool with ancient roots. Traditional shamans used this technique to act as intermediaries between the human and spirit realms. All people have access to spirit and many are discovering the shamanic journey as a tool for self growth, freedom, and healing.

People utilize the shamanic journey to receive answers to questions, gain clarity around relationships, or communicate with lost loved ones. In the journey you may meet a spiritual teacher, receive a power animal, or interact with yourself in past lives. You may contact a part of yourself that has been lost to a past trauma and bring it into current time through the act of Soul Retrieval.

Shamanic practitioners have journeyed for eons of time. Some sources trace shamanism to as far back as 25,000 to 40,000 years. Traditional shamans traveled to the spirit world to assist in healing spiritual as well as physical ills. They used many methods to achieve the state of consciousness that allowed them to contact these realms, such as drumming and chanting. Journeying is one of the spiritual healing tools used by traditional shamanic indigenous cultures throughout the world. It is still practiced today.

Our stressful, fast paced lives require us to reconnect to the non-physical part of our being referred to as the ‘soul’. It is difficult to experience this part of ourselves within our daily lives because it exists in a larger place of stillness, wholeness, and oneness; closer in vibration to the source of who we are. The answers we are seeking are accessible in this place of oneness. Journeying is a way to contact this place.

Shamanism shaman Reiki Healing Dublin Cork galway




Philosophy– starting Sunday 25th November

6.30 to 7.30pm

Grail Christianity is the future of Christianity. The purpose of life is to prepare ourselves for the realization of Ultimate Truth, the Yoga of Philosophical Discernment, the culminating stage of which is the Yoga of the Uncontradictable. These classes explore all aspects of the human condition. Facilitated from a Gnostic Perspective.


Prices for all classes

€10 (concessions €5)

All classes in Dervish – use side door if shop shut.

For more information call me on 0831502804 or check out the website

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