Shamanic Energy Medicine – Barbara Hess

Shamanic Energy Medicine


  • Break through your issues and move forward
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Move on from trauma or relationships
  • Overcome unwanted repetitive belief patterns i.e.: anger, low self-esteem, fearfulness
  • Shed negative birth and childhood experiences
  • Upward shift your emotional, psychological and physical health


One to one Shamanic Healings by appointment
Barbara Hess 0860777792

Divine Inspiration – Illumination

Our physical body is surrounded by a luminous energy field, which is an invisible matrix that holds the imprint of all our karmic, personal and ancestral memories. The Divine Illumination is a system of creating enlightenment within a person. When a client presentstheir issue certain chakras show up for attention. Dense heavy residues, which are the energetic traces of the emotional or psychological or physical ailment presented by the client are removed from the affected chakra.

Now the practitioner performs the “Divine Illumination” by helping to place superior, lighter energy into the chakra. The luminous energy field is restored to a more optimum level of function leading to a better emotional, psychological and  physical  health. The benefits  are consciousness expansion, overcoming unwanted repetitive behaviour, shedding
adult legacies from negative birth and childhood experiences. It brings balance and removal of unhealthy affnities to the client.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is a shamanic term used to describe an imbalance caused by the
loss or disassociation of some part of our vital essence, a piece of the Soul absent.

An “emotional splitting” can be caused by physical or emotional abuse, by a diffcult upbringing, assault, rape, incest, sudden death of a loved one, divorce, accidents, surgery, serious illness. This is a survival response to avoid breakdown of psychological and emotional faculties.

Sometimes these fractured soul parts return in time, but not always. Soul loss can manifest as depression, apathy, fatigue, loss of self esteem, feeling of “not being in my body”, feeling of emptiness or fearfulness. Soul retrieval is an ancient form of healing, in which the Shamanic Practitioner tracks the lost soul parts of the client and reintegrates them to restore balance. Soul retrieval returns the gifts and personal power that our
lost soul parts embodies.

Spirit Release of Souls that Stay Behind:

Psycho pomp (guide of souls) work can be of tremendous healing  beneft  in cases of a fearful death, sudden deadly accident, suicide, or one taken with unresolved issues. The soul of the departed is often unable to disconnect to an optimum level, thus impacting on their onward journey. In some of these cases the soul of the dead person may not come to terms with its new reality, be unable to move on and remains earth

Helpers like us have the compassionate skills to ease the confusion or fearfulness of this spirit, and will assist the spirit to the light, so it may find its release more and more into infinity.

Land and House Healing, Entity Clearing and Geopathic Stress Removal:

Geopathic Stress is the distortion of geo-electric-magnetic energetics in the earth’s field  from underground water courses, mineral deposits, faults and underground cavities. They may radiate through your house affecting the health of the occupants by weakening the immune system. The healing of land and houses is essential for good health and well-being.

Releasing Intrusions:

Intrusions are caused by negative thought forms, such as anger, grief or other unresolved feelings that we have taken into our bodies in response to hurt or a projection from someone else. An intrusion can also begin from chronic self abuse and negative self talk or from physical injury. Intrusions are parasitical and drain energy from the luminous energy field that hosts them. They connect to the central nervous system and have an impact on the client’s psychological, emotional and physical disposition. Symptoms can be depression, fearfulness, self sabotage, addictive behaviour, anger, low self-esteem, inability to move on from a trauma or a relationship, nightmarish dreams, chronic fatigue. They can have their origin in this lifetime or past life time. They can manifest as a frequent pain or ache at a site where there is no apparent tissue or bone ailment.

The Shamanic Healer removes and releases the intrusion and clears the affected area. An extraction is always followed by Divine-Illumination. The result is that the client will have more power and no longer the susceptibility to a similar intrusion in the future.



Join Barbara once a month for

Monthly Meditations with the Great Council of Grandmothers: 7-9pm.

‘’When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal’’

“The Grandmothers ask us to imagine a world of perfect balance, peace and progress for ourselves, our planet and future generations.” However, at present our world is not in harmony – environmental degradation, horrific increases in crime against the helpless, and wars erupting all over the globe. The Grandmothers say that these are symptoms of gross imbalance, an imbalance caused by too much yang, the principle of masculine energy and not enough yin, the principle of feminine energy. “The present imbalance of energy on earth has placed all life in danger,” the Grandmothers say. “It is time to return to balance. And for this, women must lead.”

Who are the Grandmothers? The Great Council of the Grandmothers appeared to Sharon McErlane one morning as she walked her dog on the beach. “We have come to empower women so that each one can begin to bring the great imbalance on earth into balance,” they said. The Grandmothers’ message is life-altering. It transports us from a state of helplessness, created by the imbalance on earth and in our own lives, to a state of empowerment and confidence – not confidence in the individual, small self that we have been told we are, but confidence in the Great Self that we really are.

As a result of her life-changing experience with these loving beings, Sharon has written “A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak” and “Our Love Is Our Power”. These books reveal the Grandmothers’ message, including the ceremony of Empowerment and Casting the Net of Light. It invites all people to take part in the sacred evolution of our planet. Sharon is the Grandmothers’ student and a mouthpiece for conveying their message. Although she is honoured to share the Grandmothers’ wisdom, it is not her message, but theirs.

When: Monthly meeting, See Dervish Newsletter or calendar for upcoming dates.
Time: 7pm – 9pm
The ceremony of empowerment.
Casting the net of light.
Journey with the drum to the Grandmothers with Barbara
Contact: Barbara 086 0777792
All welcome
Donation: €10

Certified courses and workshops attended by Barbara include:

  • 2004: Earth Healing and Space clearing with David  Furlong
  • 2005 – 2006: Bio Energy Therapy Course with  the Plexus European Institute of Bio Energy
  • 2007: the Shamanic Practitioner Course at the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies Dunderry Park, Director and teacher Martin Duffy
  • 2009 -2010: Medicine Spiral with Sli an Chroi Shamanism ( Teachers John Cantwell and Karen Ward
  • 2010 – 2011: Healer spiral with Sli an Chroi Shamanism ( Teachers John Cantwell and Karen Ward
  • 2010: The Goddess rites with Q’ero Indian Dona Maria Apaza
  • 2010: Gathering of the Grandmothers with Sharon Mc Kerlane (
  • 2011: Munay-ki (rites of consciousness) with Raj Padam, Cork
  • 2012-2013: Advanced Sharmanic Practitioner Course with Paul O’Halloran (