Therapies at Dervish

Regular Therapies   

Dervish Massage Co-op

Present to attend you in our little city centre haven in Dervish 7 days a week.  All  therapists are fully qualified and insured in therapeutic massage and Reiki, availability of other specialties depends on the therapist of the day and include:

Abdominal Massage,  Deep Tissue Massage, Facial Massage, Foot Massage, Holistic massage, Ayurvedic Massage,  Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, IET – Integrated Energy Therapy and Angel card readings, Reflexology, Rahanni, Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shiatsu, Shirodhara, Yoga.

Length of Session: 30mins-90mins
Cost: €35/€75
Availability: Anytime by appointment seven days per week
How to book: Call Dervish 021 427 8243
Website: facebook: Dervish Massage Co-op

Sky Healing  Therapies:  Intuitive healing, bodywork, energy healing, chakra balancing. Tibetan yoga mindfulness practitioner and teacher.

Therapist: Mary Sky
‘Our relationship to our bodies is paramount to living an authentic, energetic and effective life. Our bodies hold the secret to our blocks to creative activity. If you are feeling stuck, tired, depressed or just needing some physical nurturing, book with Mary today.
Length of Session: 1-1.5 hours
Cost: €60, concessions available
Availability: By appointment
How to book: Call Mary
Contact details: 087 6684 324


 Therapy : Shamanic Energy Therapy Inca Tradition , Bio Energy Healing , Rahanni Celestial Healing

Therapist : Barbara Hess

Soul Retrieval ,Extractions , Healing of the Ancestors, Despachos, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Bio Energy


Barbara has completed 3 Medicine Wheels/Shamanic Practitioner Courses with Martin Duffy at the Irish Centre of Shamanism , John Cantwell and Karen Ward at Slian Chroi and Paul O’Halloran at Pathway teaching .

Her Journey has taken her to Peru 3 times where she became initiated into the Hatun Karpay (right side and left side )with Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado. The Hatun Karpay means the ‘Great Transformation ‘ and is the original initiation into the Inca Tradition and allows a deep connection with the living energy of the universe and to discover and develop personal power and potential. The Hatun Karpay Rites and Initiations have been practised by the Incas for many centuries and are still performed by their direct descendants , the Andean Priests of the Q’eros in the same original way .

website : www.lightthespark.cocost : 90 minutes 65 euroAailability : by appointment 0860777792

  Carmel Moore       Medicine Woman,

Gaelic & Andean Energy Healing, Grouo Retreats, sacred Site Visits, Training & Workshops

Individual Sessions:

Shamanic: Andean and Gaelic Medicine Lineage

Healing Groups; Taking Care of the Carer, Stories that Live Inside Us, Imbolc Ceremony, etc.

Retreats & Group Sacred Site Visits & Ceremonies:

Advertised on fb. Next Retreat and Sacred Site Visit is April 25th to 28th in Co. Kerry. Weekend includes

Day 1:  Arrive lunchtime (ish) Opening ceremony, personal intention setting, Fire & Despacho Ceremony. Connection with Local Energy Lines, Allys and Helpers.

Day 2: Visit to Sacred Site with personal connection and ceremony.                         Personal Vision Board/Diary, Clarity after.

Day 3: Individual & Collective Healing & Clearing

Day 4:  Resources & Connections for going forwrad. Closing ceremony. Lunch & Finish

Training & Facilitation of Therapeutic Groups and Energy Therapy

House & Land Clearings

Issues such as: anxiety, depression, inner child work, family trauma, relationship issues, trauma, bereavement, addiction, ancestral healing, pre-surgery & post-surgery. House & Land Clearing.

Individual Energy Healing  Sessions;

Shamanic works at the Energetic level, where life force/ energy is the driving force and essence of life,  is channelled,  to  release areas of heavy energy (Hucha), energetic imprints of trauma, loss, pain, etc. Following releasing, Pure Life Force, Light is channelled into the person, supporting the person to move forward with more fullness of their own essence.

 Carmel works from a  Medicine Lineage of Paqo’s (Andean & Gaelic), Lights Beings & Angels, Spirit Animals & Elemental energies.  

Each session is different and individual to your needs in this moment.

Group facilitation and  Healing Groups (advertised on facebook)

House, Business & Land Clearing:

Energetic imprints, entities, intrusive energies (from conflict, Ancestral issues, famine, etc) can get stuck in a building or a piece of land.  Through ritual and ceremony, Healing & Balance can be brought to these spaces.

Despacho & Fire Ceremonies for various individual and group life changes, rituals, births, graduations, birth-days, death and transitions in life.

  In 2017, I completed my Medicine Wheel training, with Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies. In 2019, I journeyed to Peru for more training,  Initiations and receiving Rites from Andean Q’uero Paqos, with Back to Nature, Peru.   In 2019, I studied, at Green Tara College (Meath) with Juan Nunez del Prado( Masters of the Living Energy, Return of the Inka, The Fourth Level Inca Cosmology)and his son Ivan Nunez del Prado.  I received fourth level training and Initiations from these teachers and Paqos.  My journey of healing, learning and sharing continues. 

Individual Healing Session Cost : 65 euro for 90 minute session. 

House & Land Clearing price varies, depending on where you live.

To Book Carmel 087 3646666,,




Katie Mathuna
Katie is a kundalini healer, shamanic practitioner and yoga teacher. She has studied around the world in India, Peru and Colombia. Her work is channeled with immense gratitude to the ancestors and those from whom she received diverse teachings in the form of healers, teachers and guides, the natural world and spirit.Siddha Kundalini healing works with an energetic channel called the Sanjeevni Shakti Channel. This energy is specifically designed to clear samskaras, or subtle impressions so one can align more with their soul purpose and gain greater clarity of their true authentic self.The shamanic work can support in grounding those who feel dislocated, soul retrieval from early, past life and recent trauma and clearing of heavy energies, amongst other potentials.She compliments her work with tarot and gentle yogic bodywork.All sessions cater to each individual need.€60 for 90minute session with one therapyFor an extra therapy (yogic body work/ tarot/ channeling and clearing etc) €80Contact Katie on 0861573991 or through email at
She also has a website and blog at
Name             Maria Minguella, Tarot Card Reading
Tarot Readings by appointment with Maria
Contact Details: 087-2708154
Visiting Therapists

Therapist: AlmantasOsteopath/Medical Doctor
Almantas treats a wide range of problems from back, head, neck & shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, joint and muscle strain.
Length of Session:
1 hour, Cost: €60 – €80
Availability: Monthly, by appointment
How to book: Call Lana 087 9862 459


Name:Gerry Browne- Spiritual Medium/Healer, Working with intuition, Reiki and Spiritual Counselling, colour therapy and mediumship, offers an invitation to change limiting patterns and beliefs and remove blocks to enable you to regain your true Divine essence. Allow 2 hrs, €60

Availability: Monthly, by appointment
How to book: Call Gerry 087 416 0056

Name: Mind- Body & Soul Healing,     Richard Waterborn

  •   Getting to the roots of dis-ease
  • Clearing cellular memory
  • Complete healing on all levels
  • Freedom from external influences
  • Spiritual reconnection
  • Healing relationships
  • Whole-Self Integration

To Book: contact:, telephone +353 868054463(Ireland) / +34 676346402 (Spain)

Name:  ”A Voice of Hope” Mary Madigan

Gifted from birth, Mary offers her gifts in support, non-judgemental compassion and care.

  • Spiritual mediumship
  • angel readings
  • Healing
Available: one day per month at Dervish:
Contact for bookings;
 Mary directly 087-7071587. Bookings must be accompanied by deposit at the  time of booking.
Mary Madigan 087 1427082

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