Therapies at Dervish

Regular Therapies

Dervish Massage Co-op

Present to attend you in our little city centre haven in Dervish 7 days a week.  All six therapists are fully qualified and insured in therapeutic massage and Reiki, availability of other specialties depends on the therapist of the day and include:

Abdominal Massage, Chair Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Facial Massage, Foot Massage, Holistic massage, Ayurvedic Massage,  Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, IET – Integrated Energy Therapy and Angel card readings, Reflexology, Rahanni, Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shiatsu, Shirodhara, Yoga.

Length of Session: 30mins-90mins
Cost: €25/€65
Availability: Anytime by appointment seven days per week
How to book: Call Dervish 021 427 8243
Website: facebook: Dervish Massage Co-op

Psychic & Mediumship Development (open to all levels) 
Every Wednesday night enjoy a wonderful evening with your own spirit energy and that of the spirit world. Learn how to meditate, meet and connect with your guides and loved ones in the spirit world. Learn about psychometry, tarot, auras, colour, healing, trance, private sittings, and platform mediumship. Discover the wonderful potential we all have and connect with your latent powers and abilities.
Norah is also available for individual readings at Dervish Cork and in Kinsale.

When: Every Wednesday
Time: 8pm – 10pm
 083 8557846
E-mail: Website: 
Centre of Spirit hosts a Spiritual Divine Service in the Metropole Hotel, McCurtain St. Cork the first Sunday of every month. Platform Mediums from Cork and beyond share from Spirit, connecting with your loved ones. €5e entry - 6.30pm to 8pm. Bringing the two worlds a little closer. For more info see

Sky Healing  Therapies:  Intuitive healing, bodywork, energy healing, chakra balancing. Tibetan yoga mindfulness practitioner and teacher.
Therapist: Mary Sky
Ongoing classes. If interested in medicine ceremonies private message Mary on FB, Mary Sky.
‘Our relationship to our bodies is paramount to living an authentic, energetic and effective life. Our bodies hold the secret to our blocks to creative activity. If you are feeling stuck, tired, depressed or just needing some physical nurturing, book with Mary today.
Length of Session: 1-1.5 hours
Cost: €60, concessions available
Availability: By appointment
How to book: Call Mary
Contact details: 087 6684 324

Therapy: Tarot Reader
Maria has been reading Tarot cards for several years. Working holistically and driven by intuition, Maria’s senses come alight differently for every person. She is honest and direct, gentle with her approach but robust with the information she is entrusted with.
Length of Session/Cost:
30 mins €40 euro, 1 hr €60, €20 deposit required upon booking.
Availability: By appointment
How to book: For weekend bookings, call Dervish 021 427 8243, for weekday appointments, call Maria on 087 270 8154
Contact details: 087 270 8154

Therapy: Shamanic Energy Medicine
Therapist: Barbara Hess. Barbara has trained at the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies Dunderry Park, with Director and teacher Martin Duffy, John Cantwell and Karen Ward of Sli an Chroi, and with with Paul O’Halloran. One-to-one sessions inlcude Divine Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Extraction of Intrusive energies & Entities, Spirit Release of Souls that Stay Behind and Land and House Healing, Entity Clearing and Geopathic Stress Removal. Break through your issues and move forward; expand your consciousness; move on from trauma or relationships; overcome unwanted repetitive belief patterns i.e.: anger, low self-esteem, fearfulness; shed negative birth and childhood experiences; upward shift your emotional, psychological and physical health.
One to one Shamanic Healings by appointment

Availability: By appointment
How to book: Call Barbara Hess
Contact details:
086 077 7792

Macha Sheowlf Medicine Woman is a practising Shaman, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Soul Voice Singer and Dance Movement Facilitator, in Cork. Macha facilitates one to one sessions and groups, along with hosting a range of workshops regularly.

At Dervish, Macha hosts

Sacred Women Circles”Sexuality”,

Shamanic Journey Drumming Meditation,

Ancient Voices Circle- chanting and sounding.

Sacred Drum & Voice Circles

Macha offers one to one sessions at Dervish (student rates available)

shamanic healing

soul voice work

usui reiki/distant work

craniosacral/somatic emotional release

herbalist consultations/lifestyle diet advice

available doe paediatrics, newborns, teenagers, adults, elderly, animals (including horses).

Macha has garda vetting, first aid occupation and child protection training.

Availability: individual sessions by appointment, classes contact Macha directly for dates, details  and booking.

Contact: Macha 086-1636511, email

Psychotherapy, Integrated Energy therapy, Shamanic & Soul Retrieval.  Training & Facilitation of self-development groups and Energy Therapy: Carmel Moore 087 3646666

IET  ”gets the issues out of the tissues”, As in the work of Carolyn Myss, our bodies store traumas, experiences, events and relationships from our past in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. IET, through Sacred Geometry connects and channels from the energy rays of the Angelic realm and Violet Ray of transmutation.

Psychotherapy and Counselling supports people to release past trauma, relationship patterns, grief, loss and supports with one’s journey through life, in learning and exploring self and new ways of interrelating.

Shamanic Sessions; Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Crystallised and Fluid Energy release work, working with the medicine lineage of healers, releasing trauma and energy imprints of the luminous energy field, Each session is different and individual to the needs of the client.

Group facilitation and Sacred Healing Groups, meditation, mindfulness, shamanic ceremony eg fire ceremony, women’s groups, facilitation of team building and development eg professional ethics, boundaries & confidentiality, managing change, communication skills, reflective listening.

Carmel started on her journey of self growth and development in 1996, having worked with people living with addiction, emotional and mental health dis-ease, violence and abuse, homelessness and hopelessness. She works in a heart centered way, where she supports people to engage with themselves in an empowered and compassionate way. She intuitively works with people. She continues her own personal journey of growth from 1996 when she began studying with reiki, IET, BA(hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy, Shamanism (Laika tradition), continually training and learning through life. Carmel is a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and holds a BA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is currently a student of the Q’uero shamanic tradition, having begun her training in the Medicine Wheel.

To Book contact Carmel 087 3646666,, facebook: Counselling,Therapy&Training Cork and Roscrea. 

Therapy: Tarot Reader
Monika is a Master of Yoga Kundalini inititated through the Masters from Ancient East. She had been tought Tarot by her Master from Poland Barbara Macidlowska.

Length of Session/Cost:45-1hr €50,


Therapist: Monika
Monika is a Master of Kundalini Yoga and a healer. The theraphy through the Reiki technique is healing physical, emotional and metal level of being. During the session we do balance the energy in the chakras and heal the organs bringing harmony to the whole system. It is gentle healing technique recommaned for everyone.

Length of Session/Cost:
30-45min €40 euro, 1 hr €50,
Availability: By appointment
How to book & contact details: For bookings call Monika on 0892579595, e-mail:                                        Reiki : 1 hour session by appointment 50 euro.


Monika is a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher („SKY” School OF Kundalini Yoga in London). After her teacher training she went to India to study yoga under guidance of Ancient Master of Yoga ( She also completed a course on Yoga in BHU University in India and P.G. Diploma course on Eastern Philosophy.

Length of Session/Cost: 1.5 hr group session €15, Packet of 5 classes €60. Individual session 1-1.5 hr €30-50
Availability: Morning yoga classes on Mondays at 9-10.30am, evening yoga classes on Tuesdays at 8.15-9.45pm, individual session by appointment.

How to book & contact details: Call Monika on 0892579595, e-mail:

Astrology   Martha Clarke       083 8073907

Astrology is the in depth interpretation of how the planetary energies were aligned in your birth chart at the moment of your incarnation into this earth. Your natal birth chart therefore represents your soul’s purpose in this lifetime on this earth. Astrology includes the interpretation of the planets in your natal birth chart, and how the 12 planets, plus the North and South Nodes “talk to each other” (known as the aspects), and this interpretation gives us an in depth knowledge of ourselves and what we are here in this lifetime to experience.  

The interpretation also includes the four axis of a natal birth chart, the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC (Imum Coeli).

Planets which are “angular” (i.e. close the these four axis) have added importance in a natal chart reading.

stellium of planets (three or more planets in either the same sign or the same house) also have added imprtance in a natal chart reading

To gain as much as possible from an astrology reading, it is best for the client to be open to what is discussed by the astrologer.

Astrologists world wide vary enormously in how they interpret a natal birth chart.

Martha’s approach to an astrological chart reading is a humanistic, solution orientated and free will driven interpretation.

Martha engages wholly with her clients on concentrating on understanding subconscious patterns of behaviour which they can immediately work on to change in order to grow in this lifetime.

Synastry / Family / Children’s Charts

Martha specialises in interpreting whole couples and family charts where your “astrological DNA” gives couples,  parents and their children a greater understanding of each other and a compassion for each others’ innate astrological differences (this is known as synastry). And yes, even step and half families will find they have similar “astrological themes” going on between them in their charts!


Martha also specialises in “astrocartography” which is the mapping of the planetary energies worldwide to find the optimum places for her clients to live, work, meet “that special someone”, develop their career, raise their family, or immediately heighten their creative output.

Martha has actively “lived” astrocartography for the last decade, by firstly relocating back to West Cork in Ireland from Wales in 2007, then subsequently moving to Italy in 2014 for two years (right by her Mars line!) and she is now currently living in Cork, having relocated back from beautiful Tuscany, Italy to develop her astrological practice!

Martha is currently living under both her Saturn and Pluto lines in Cork city and also lives close to her Mercury line (the planet Mercury is her natal chart ruler) in West Cork

As a quadruple Gemini with an Aquarian Midheaven no astrological question posed phases her!!!

Martha holds a Certificate in Counselling from the Cork Counselling Centre and abides by their Code of Ethics at all times.

Client Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times

 What are the benefits of working with Martha?

The benefits are profound, immediate and varied, some of which are as follows:

Increased clarity as to your life’s purpose

Greater compassion for family members, friends, and colleagues

Phenomenal and immediate increase in creativity

Understanding how to gently withstand family and parental pressure to choose the wrong vocation

Disengaging from conventional counselling, as an initial in depth consultation can provide the client with the inner certainty and surety to immediately change their life’s path to a one which nurtures them more

Greater ability to cope with change (via a transit reading which predicts changes ahead for the coming year)

Combining individual and / or family charts with astrocartography helps a family make a timely decision as to where in the world the individual, couple or family would best feel nurtured, nourished and supported

Martha is a resident professional astrologer with Dervish.
Bookings can be made direct on her website , or via the Dervish staff, or by phone 083 8073907. Sessions are usually between an hour to an hour and a half in length. Due to the substantial amount of time which goes into preparing a chart beforehand, all sessions must be paid for in advance.
Martha is also running a FOUR week evening ”Introduction to Astrology” course from Tuesday 4th April. Bookings online at or via Dervish.

Counselling TherapistLaurence Murphy

I provide a safe and confidential space for clients to express as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. My approach to counselling is person centred; at the heart of the person centred approach is the idea that the person seeking help ultimately knows what is best for themselves. The role of the therapist is to create the conditions for change and growth in the client through a process of acceptance, compassion and a willingness to meet and hear the person where ever they are at regardless of what is revealed. I believe that feeling heard and understood is probably what is most therapeutic about therapy and the very act of sharing and unburdening ourselves can be a source of healing.

The relationship between client and therapist, known as the therapeutic relationship is the core building block of change. We get to know ourselves and our needs through our relationships with others.

Common issues I work with include Relationships, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness,/ Isolation,

Family of origin issues, Finding meaning in life, Suicidal thoughts, Obsessive compulsive disorder. I have a special interest in the area of addiction and recently completed the (HSE)Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies with Arbour House.

I trained with Flatstone Institute in Cork which is accredited with The Irish Association of Humandistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. (IAHIP) I operate according to the ethical guidelines laid down by( IAHIP) and I am in regular supervision.

Rates I offer reasonable rates to reflect both my level of experience and the current finacial situation for many people. I operate a sliding scale of rates. For unemployed, unwaged or full time students I charge 30 eu ro per hour. For those in full time employment 40 euro per hour.

Availability by appointment

Contact Laurence 0877952373

Visiting Therapists

Therapist: AlmantasOsteopath/Medical Doctor
Almantas treats a wide range of problems from back, head, neck & shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, joint and muscle strain.
Length of Session:
1 hour, Cost: €60 – €80
Availability: Monthly, by appointment
How to book: Call Lana 087 9862 459

Name: Bernadette Phillips – Clairvoyancy, Angel Guidance Reading, Palmistry, Numerology. Visionary/Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Sociologist
Length of Session:
1-1.5 hours
Cost:€60 for an hour session.
Availability:  by appointment
How to book: Call Dervish Cork 021-4278243

Name: Gerry Browne- Spiritual Medium/Healer, Working with intuition, Reiki and Spiritual Counselling, colour therapy and mediumship, offers an invitation to change limiting patterns and beliefs and remove blocks to enable you to regain your true Divine essence. Allow 2 hrs, €60
Availability: Monthly, by appointment
How to book: Call Gerry 087 416 0056

Name: Louise Burke, CranioSacral Therapist. Reflexology, Massage, Reiki

Craniosacral Therapy 60 euro for a 1 hour session or 100 euro for a 2 hour session.
For babies and toddlers it is 30 euro for a 30 minute session.
For further details on Craniosacral Therapy and the other Therapies I offer, go to
For Booking an appointment / further queries contact me @  087 121 5983

Name: Mind- Body & Soul Healing,     Richard Waterborn

  •   Getting to the roots of dis-ease
  • Clearing cellular memory
  • Complete healing on all levels
  • Freedom from external influences
  • Spiritual reconnection
  • Healing relationships
  • Whole-Self Integration

To Book: contact:, telephone +353 868054463(Ireland) / +34 676346402 (Spain)

Name:  ”A Voice of Hope” Mary Madigan

Gifted from birth, Mary offers her gifts in support, non-judgemental compassion and care.

  • Spiritual mediumship
  • angel readings
  • Healing
Available: one day per month at Dervish: contact Dervish 021 4278243 to book, Bookings must be accompanied by payment in full at time of booking 50 euro for half an hour, 70 euro for 1 hour.
Mary Madigan 087 1427082

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